ADITU eSmart ( Smart Mail Distributor )  
ADITU eSmart ( Smart Mail Distributor )

General Concept
Easy to use and No learning time , just make group only at first
There are so many companies using mail magazine for their promotions and others. We do not need again service from other company, we can deliver that magazine from our machine. And the Great Point is 'You can deliver by your daily mail client' such as Outlook Express, Eudora, etc, without using CC or BCC.
Email is received as a personal email. Substitution in Subject and Body will make mail as unique mail.

We have a lot of customers, Should send mail to them in hurry
Because of impolite and privacy We dont want use CC and BCC. Sometimes Attachment and HTML Mail is neccessary. Current data can be imported. Use current mailer program for editing mail, New Software will takes long time to learn again.
Quick Start and Quick Sending

Security, Usage, Special Function, System Structure
Secure Sending

These system is secure because mail is sent one by one through SMTP. These system is polite and secure privacy of destinations. Wrong destination will send back to the sender, this will make sure that no mail is lost.

Real Usage
*) This system is very usefull and frequently used by marketing people to send mail tho the customer regarding new product or other announcement.

*) This system is frequently used by Human Resource Director to communicate to all employee regarding neccessary information that must be passed to them.

*) This system is very usefull and frequently used by a company that has many branches in passing information from head office to branch offices.

ADITU eSmart : Special Functions

Easy To Use ( user friendly )
Using current mail client, user can send email to a lot of destination in one action. Any mail client can be used such as OutLook Express, Eudora, Becky etc. User only need to create a group that contains destination which be used as a target of sending email.

With substitution in Subject and Body of email, it will make email as personal email. Avoid using CC/BCC will respect the receivers of email, and also privacy of destination is secure.

HTML Email
HTML mail is neccessary in some cases. HTML email is edited in current mail client. ADITU eSmart will send in the same form with substution if exist, both in subject and body of email.

Group Management
Email destination is managed in group. Operational between group also can be done easily, such as Adding Member, Excluding member from group, Copy and Paste member. Inputing large of destination can be done by importing from a file as an input ( CSV file or TAB delimiter ). Data backup or migration data to other system can be done by Exporting the data and we can choose the output format as CSV file or TAB delimiter file.

Report Email
Every sending mail data to group of destinatios, ADITU eSmart will give email report to sender contains sending result. By this report mail, sender will sure that email has already been sent to destinations. Error mail caused by wrong email address or other reason such as full in mail box also will be sent to sender from destination mail server. This will very usefull information for sender to make next decision.

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