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Mail Questionnaire System
Questionnaire is a tool to get opinion from the public. Web Questionnaire is one of the method to do it. Recently because of strict access to WEB and also for reducing cost and time to response the quesionnaire, Mail Questionnaire is the best solution.
The merits of mail questionnaire are :
1. Responder can directly reply the answer from his/her PC or mobile,
without accessing WEB.
2. Comparing with Web Questionnaire, mail questionnaire can
reach much more responder because there are much responder
who can not access freely to WEB because of regulation.
3. Without accessing WEB, this will cut time and cost of responder
AdituSoft provides ADITU SmartQ , product of Mail Questionnaire System, will be released by the end of this month.

Now all people talking about privacy mark. Our products is produced for supporting that matter, because we dont give data to the third party.

Winny is the popular software in Japan, and many companies are leaked through Winny. AdituSoft provide SCS ( Smart Cyber Storage ) to give smart solution for it.

WebSite is the main part of current company, including mail server and other internet tool. And All the tool must be work 24 hr non stop. Monitoring for those tools is necessary. AdituSoft provide Server Monitor ( ADITU Server Monitor ) to give smart solution for it. We have customer that more than 2 years prefer using our product comparing others, because we have function that not provided by others.

Marketing by email is known in over the world, but we have to sure that our marketing mail is not SPAM and we have to sure that those email is sent to all destinations. Beside that easiness is key of the mail marketing. AdituSoft provide ADITU eSmart to give smart solution for it.

Every day we think about smart solution of current problem faced by everyone. Please see detail in Products which means our smart solution.

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