SCS ( Smart Cyber Storage )  
General Concept
Easy to use and secure tool for managing file and folder (storage) from anywhere

SCS solve the problem in security and bring the easiness of managing folder/file. Hidden file and locked file can be separated in display. The owner and updater is shown clearly. Searching file/folder name is also supported, this is useful function in management file/folder.

SCS Server and Client is running on Network, so that even though on business trip we can easily access to our office file system (storage). Also we can directly put the result of meeting during our business trip to the storage by SCS, so that there is no delay in decision.

Beside registering user one by one, all existing user data in current system also can be imported in one action. User data migration can be done in a short time and solve the difficulty in starting service.

Administrator can monitor the user real time, so that currently login user can be detected. Log for each user also created and can be checked anytime. This will be an important tool in tracking user action if there is a trouble or to avoid the violation access. Secure is one main point of SCS.

Backup and data migration can be done without stopping the server. We can use existing function such as Export / import and also folder and file copy functions in operation systems. There is no disturbing time for user. Expanding Storage size is also can be done as a migration data.
SCS Client Window is similar with Windows explorer, in the left side is folder information and in the right side is the contents of selected folder, it can be file or folder also.

The important information is that we can see the owner, updater and status of folder/file in the right window. Folder and File Operation is very easy. Easiness is a SCS strong point. We call it [ SCS ]

SCS (Smart Cyber Storage) :Special Functions

Access Setting for Each User
Each user can be set to which folder he/she can acces.

Icon of each file
Icon is displayed depends on file extention. It will make easily and
friendly ( eventhough server is unix/linux/freebsd )

Information Email
If user do some operation regarding folder/file of other user.
Then SCS will send Information Email to the owner of the file/folder.
(Auto Email Operation : Delete, Rename, Upload, Download )

Locked and CheckOut
Locked status will inform other user that the folder/file is being updated.
Checkout status also inform other user that the folder/file is being updated,
but user can download/read the file/folder.

Drag and Drop
File/Folder Upload can be done by Drag and Drop from local machine.
Multiple Folders/Files Download also can be done in one action.

Search File/Folder
Searching file/folder name can be done easily and quickly.
Searching file contents also can be done.

File Copy and Paste in Server
User can copy and paste files that stored in server
without downloading and uploading.

User Management
Administrator can easily maintain user data :
Add User, Change User data, Delete User

Setting User Level
Each user has level data, it will control the user operation.
SCS provides 10 user level combine with access type
RW (ReadWrite), R ( Read Only )

Monitoring User Operation
Administrator can monitor all user operation by monitoring
the each user log. User status also displayed Online or Offline,
including last login data ( IP Address and Time )

Scheduler / Calendar
SCS also provide integrated Scheduler/Calendar.
(User data is integrated with Scheduler, but folder/file data
is not integrated for security )

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